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Always popular on Google Play, emulators allow you to relive the Nintendo time on your Android smartphone by placing particular on your screen virtual controls. Today we test Drastic Emulator, which is the favorite in the race for the best emulator. We told you more in our test!

drastic ds emulator apk

Utility & Functions

You dream of reliving the heyday of Nintendo games on your Android smartphone or tablet? This is exactly what this DS Emulator offers! The strength of the game, from its competition is its speed of execution, usually the great weakness of mobile emulators.

You can choose to load multiple games at once and then move directly from one screen to another. The design and controls are fully customizable and can be used in all games. Thus, each player is free to choose the configuration they prefer.

The game has to synchronize with Google Play to retrieve the saved games. Within the application, you can use different cheats, ideal for those who do not have patience and want to get to the end of the game quickly.

For now, the emulator is still in one of the famous “gray areas” in the Play Store. Indeed, its use is not entirely legal. On paper, it could be compatible with applications that are not the original games from Sony. But of course, always is full of clones and unauthorized copies.

Screen & Controls

Drastic is compatible with a multitude of games and various interfaces and has many customization options. You can choose between different models, set the direction of the mode of the game and the size of the screen.

As for controls, it is of course more difficult to use virtual buttons on the screen of your smartphone, as the real buttons on the joystick Nintendo but unfortunately a obstacle which face all mobile emulators.

Speed & Stability

This DS Emulator has always function quickly and optimally. For a platform arcade games is really important.

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